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Introducing NEXUS, the Next Generation of Warehouse Execution System Software

Matthews Offers a Virtual Demo of the New NEXUS Warehouse Execution System at ProMat DX. CINCINNATI, OH (March 23, 2021) — Matthews Automation Solutions, a provider of warehouse automation systems and software, is introducing their new NEXUS Warehouse Execution System (WES). A warehouse execution system connects diverse automated processes in a distribution center and manages them as a centralized, integrated […]

Matthews Automation Solutions Featured in Supply Chain World

“In Control” article describes Matthews Automation Solutions’ agile and innovative warehouse automation CINCINNATI, OH (February 18,2021) — Supply Chain World (SCW) magazine recently published a feature story on Matthews Pyramid | Compass. In interviews with Gary Cash, Senior Vice President and General Manager, and Erica Wine, Product Marketing Specialist, SCW examined the Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) software and controls technologies […]

Matthews Automation Featured in Modern Materials Handling Article on Software & Automated Packaging

MMH Article Describes Role of Warehouse Execution Systems in “Software Drives Automated Packaging Efficiencies” CINCINNATI, OH (October 30, 2020) — Roberto Michel, senior editor for Modern Materials Handling, has interviewed Matthews Automation Solutions’ Dann Woellert for their October 2020 issue, “Software Drives Automated Packaging Efficiencies”. This article focuses on high tech automation and software being implemented by distribution centers in […]

Matthews’ Experts Present MODEX Educational Seminar on Collaborative Robotics to Enhance Order Fulfillment

Free, on-show-floor presentation explains ways to combine traditional material handling automation with collaborative robotic technologies for optimized order fulfillment. WAUKESHA, WI (February 25, 2020) — On Tuesday, March 10, two experts from Matthews Automation Solutions will present a free, on-show-floor educational seminar, “Optimize Order Fulfillment with Collaborative Robotics,” at MODEX 2020.  The session runs from noon to 12:45 p.m. in […]

Matthews’ Unveils Newest Generation of Autonomous Mobile Robots, Engineered to Maximize Flexibility

Built on a standard base vehicle outfitted with a selection of easily swapped attachments, the latest Matthews’ AMRs are showcased in MODEX Booth 4013. WAUKESHA, WI (February 25, 2020) — The latest generation of Matthews Automation Solutions’ collaborative Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) is on display in Booth 4013 at MODEX, in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, March 9–12, 2020. Sponsored […]

Matthews Automation Solutions Combines Warehouse Execution System Brands Pyramid and Compass

Matthews unites software and controls teams at Cincinnati Campus, enhancing support of current and prospective customers’ automation installations. Two of Matthews Automation Solutions’ brands, Compass and Pyramid, have unified their operations. This includes bringing together both teams — which offer complementary control systems design and engineering as well as warehouse execution software (WES) — under one roof in Pyramid’s Cincinnati […]

Matthews Automation Solutions Showcases “Fulfillment Forward” Solutions in ProMat Booth S1631

See state-of-the-art technologies in an integrated, flexible material handling system deliver end-to-end order fulfillment process optimization. In ProMat Booth S1631, the Matthews Automation Solutions exhibit, “Fulfillment Forward,” displays a complete, integrated order fulfillment process throughout MHI-sponsored ProMat in Chicago’s McCormick Place, April 8–11, 2019. The live demo incorporates best-in-class solutions from Matthews’ three warehouse automation brands—Compass Engineering, Lightning Pick and […]

Matthews’ Experts Present ProMat Educational Seminar

Free, on-show-floor presentation explains ways to combine traditional material handling automation with emerging robotic technologies for optimized order fulfillment. On Wednesday, April 10 at ProMat 2019 in Chicago, three experts from Matthews Automation Solutions will present a free, on-show-floor educational seminar, “Using Proven Material Handling Automation and Emerging Bot Technologies to Optimize Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Order Fulfillment.” The session runs from […]

Matthews’ Autonomous Mobile Robots Optimize Picking and Material Movement Processes in Order Fulfillment

Built on a standard base vehicle outfitted with a choice of attachments, the latest Matthews Autonomous Mobile Robot applications are featured in ProMat Booth S1631. The newest version of Matthews Automation Solutions’ Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is on display in Booth S1631 throughout MHI-sponsored ProMat in Chicago’s McCormick Place, April 8–11, 2019. The self-navigating vehicle will be shown with two […]

Pyramid Featured in November Issue of DC Velocity, Discusses Benefits of Waveless Operations

Pyramid, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions discusses the benefits of waveless picking in an article for DC Velocity‘s November issue, “Go with the flow to improve fulfillment in the DC”. The article outlines the benefits of utilizing waveless picking  in e-commerce and omni-channel distribution centers.  Going waveless allows e-commerce and omni-channel retailers to adapt to shorter order cycle times, and respond dynamically to […]

Pyramid’s Gary Cash Discusses Challenges Faced by Retailers in October Issue of Modern Materials Handling

In a special retail supplement to Modern Materials Handling’s October 2018 issue, Editor-at-Large Sara Pearson Specter included extensive comments from Gary Cash, VP of Solution Development at Pyramid, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions in “E-Commerce: Retailers Flex to Meet Expectations.” The article outlines the challenges faced by e-commerce and omni-channel retailers, including customer expectations for a broad variety of […]

MODEX 2018: Achieve Balanced Order Fulfillment, Flow with Pyramid Director WES/WCS Software, Controls

Pyramid to showcase the capabilities of its software and controls for management of automated processes and optimization of order fulfillment in MODEX Booth B3763. Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, will highlight the capabilities of its Pyramid Director software and control solutions in Booth B3763 at MODEX. The MHI-sponsored show will take place in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, April […]

MODEX 2018: Pyramid’s Automated Sortation, Order Finishing Systems Demo Combines Multiple Fulfillment Technologies

Directed by Pyramid’s software and controls, an order fulfillment demo system in MODEX Booth B3763 showcases synchronized operation of automated sortation, document insertion and print-and-apply labeling. Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, will be highlighting its automated sortation and order finishing solutions in Booth B3763 at MODEX in a live demonstration of an order fulfillment line. The MHI-sponsored show will take place […]

Pyramid Awarded Top 25 Supply Chain Solutions Provider – 2017 by CIO Applications

In a special supply chain issue of CIO Applications, Pyramid discusses their holistic method to designing complex fulfillment systems.   Pyramid considers the complete picture when designing and delivering automation and software systems for some of the world’s largest brands.  With over 20 years of experience providing innovative solutions and outstanding customer support, Pyramid has set itself apart in the warehouse automation industry […]

Pyramid’s CIO-driven Automated Order Finishing Line at ProMat Featured by Modern Materials Handling

In its coverage of ProMat 2017, held April 3-6 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Modern Materials Handling editors toured the Matthews Automation Solutions booth during a press conference held Monday. Highlighted was Pyramid’s new Continuous Intelligent Operations (CIO) software and control solutions, in action on the show floor as a live demo of an automated order finishing line. In the article, Joe […]

Achieve Continuous Intelligent Operations (CIO) with Synchronized Software, Controls Exhibited at ProMat 2017

Pyramid to showcase the capabilities of its CIO software and controls—for management of automated processes and optimization of order fulfillment—in Booth S1023c. CINCINNATI, OH (January 3, 2017) — Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, will highlight the capabilities of its Continuous Intelligent Operations (CIO) software and control solutions in Booth S1023c during ProMat 2017 in McCormick Place’s South Hall. CIO […]

Automated Order Finishing Systems to Maximize Fulfillment on Display at ProMat 2017

Pyramid’s Continuous Intelligent Operations (CIO) software and control solutions—showcased in Booth S1023c—optimize order processing automation, including print-and-apply labeling of packages transported via motor-driven roller conveyor. CINCINNATI, OH (January 3, 2017) — Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, will be highlighting its automated order finishing solutions during ProMat 2017 in a live demonstration of a packaging line that includes motor-driven roller […]

Adding Warehouse Execution System Integrates, Optimizes Fulfillment of Multiple Retail Product Lines for Online Retailer.

When a leading online retailer of women’s intimate apparel built a new, greenfield fulfillment center, the goal was to combine multiple product lines into one facility. The distribution center (DC) handles branded cosmetics, perfumes, personal care items, home décor, footwear, outerwear and women’s clothing. To handle all those stock keeping units (SKUs) while integrating and optimizing the flow of orders […]

Updating Control Hardware/Software and Adding Warehouse Execution System Helps DC Improve Retail Store Replenishment.

Forecast calling for significant retail volume growth and shifts in distribution handling practices? Afraid your existing material handling systems won’t be able to keep up with associated throughput, accuracy and productivity requirements in order to serve your stores’ replenishment needs? It might be time to consider an upgraded warehouse execution system (WES) and control hardware/software—like Pyramid’s customer did when retrofitting […]

Extend the Life of Your Material Handling Equipment Investment with Recontrol Services.

Sometimes material handling equipment just doesn’t work the way it should. Maybe your operation has outgrown the original volume parameters of the installation. Or your handling processes have changed and the equipment can’t keep up with the shift. That’s what happened to a leading e-commerce apparel retailer, who asked Pyramid to resolve serious problems with two autobagger automated order fulfillment […]

Complex, multi-phase renovation of retail store DC replaces outdated controls with Warehouse Execution System.

To meet current and anticipated growth in sales, stores, unit volumes and other key metrics, a leading shoe and accessory retailer needed to update and expand its store fulfillment distribution center’s (DC) capabilities. The subsequent, multi-phase revamp of the facility included replacing outdated controls with Pyramid Director Warehouse Execution System (WES), resulting in a significant increase in inventory visibility, as […]

Enterprise-wide automation of print/apply labeling, compliance helps omni-channel retailer improve outbound supply chain.

After discovering that its post-packing to shipping processes weren’t consistent across each of its seven facilities, a leading retailer of lingerie, personal care and beauty products, apparel and accessories turned to Pyramid. Project goals included higher productivity levels, lower labeling error rates, better ship-to-store service, higher overall throughput network-wide, and compliance with GS1 label standards. To accomplish those objectives, the […]

E-commerce sports merchandise retailer hits homerun with Warehouse Execution System.

Faced by the dual challenges of rapid sales growth and continuous addition of new product lines, a leading online retailer of officially licensed college and professional sports merchandise (and a Top 50 Internet Retailer) called Pyramid when it needed to significantly expand and modernize its distribution center (DC). The catch? The company decided to keep its home-grown warehouse management system (WMS). […]

Modern Materials Handling highlights Pyramid Director WES in MODEX Show Daily coverage.

In a MODEX 2016 Show Daily article filed on April 5, Modern Materials Handling‘s Roberto Michel, Editor at Large, wrote about Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand Pyramid’s Director WES Warehouse Execution System. The system, wrote Michel: “translates inputs from an operation’s host systems—including warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems—with sophisticated algorithms to receive and process orders. It […]

See Pyramid, Lightning Pick’s optimized order fulfillment solutions at Operations Summit.

Matthews Automation Solutions’ brands exhibit together at direct-to-consumer/omni-channel fulfillment show, April 12 – 14, 2016. GERMANTOWN, WI (March 15, 2016) — Attendees at the fifth-annual Operations Summit tradeshow, held at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 12-14, 2016, will see solutions for optimizing order fulfillment execution from Matthews Automation Solutions’ brands Pyramid and Lightning Pick. The two will co-exhibit in […]

Pyramid receives Modern Materials Handling’s Productivity Achievement Award from eBay Enterprise facility project.

Modern’s 2016 Productivity Achievement Awards honor companies that have made outstanding strides in improving operations through materials handling and related information systems. A panel of three highly-respected supply chain experts—John Hill, director at St. Onge Co., a supply chain strategy and logistics consulting firm; James A. Tompkins, chairman and CEO of Tompkins International, a supply chain consulting and implementation firm; […]

Warehouse Execution Software That Boosts Distribution and Fulfillment Center Performance at MODEX 2016.

Pyramid, an independent supplier of material handling software and controls, to showcase Pyramid Director WES™ in Booth 1037d. CINCINNATI, OH (February 16, 2016) — Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, provides software and control solutions to a variety of end users, systems integrators, distributors and material handling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Pyramid will highlight its Pyramid Director WES™ warehouse execution […]

Increase Loop Sorter Performance with Advanced System Controls and Software Featured at MODEX 2016.

Pyramid’s software and controls—displayed in Booth 1037d—improve efficiency in new or existing tilt-tray, bombay, cross-belt and other automated loop sorters. CINCINNATI, OH (December 26, 2015) — Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, provides software and control solutions for new automated loop sorter installations, and to significantly improve the efficiency of existing sortation systems through re-control retrofits. Pyramid will share examples […]

Automated Order Finishing Systems that Maximize Fulfillment, Service Levels Featured at MODEX 2016.

Pyramid’s software and controls—on display in Booth 1037d—optimize print and apply labeling, auto-document insertion, auto-bagging, auto-boxing and other order processing automation. CINCINNATI, OH (December 2, 2015) — Pyramid, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, provides software and control solutions to automate and efficiently manage order fulfillment processes. Among them are automated product bagging, boxing, carton labeling and document insertion of catalogs, […]

Pyramid solution installed at eBay Enterprise facility.

Matthews Automation Solutions’ brands Pyramid and Lightning Pick are featured as part of Modern Materials Handling magazine’s July 2015 cover story on eBay Enterprise’s Walton, Kentucky distribution campus. The article, “eBay: Speed, flexibility and cost,” describes how the facility—operated as a third-party logistics (3PL) e-fulfillment services provider—added automation to boost productivity and accuracy in order fulfillment. Among the various automated solutions in action, eBay […]


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