Modern Materials Handling highlights Pyramid Director WES in MODEX Show Daily coverage.

Pyramid-Director-WES-logo_transparentIn a MODEX 2016 Show Daily article filed on April 5, Modern Materials Handling‘s Roberto Michel, Editor at Large, wrote about Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand Pyramid’s Director WES Warehouse Execution System.


Joe Pelej, marketing manager for Lighting Pick and Pyramid, with a put-to-light system. Photo courtesy of Modern Materials Handling (

The system, wrote Michel: “translates inputs from an operation’s host systems—including warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems—with sophisticated algorithms to receive and process orders. It then synchronizes and directs multiple, disparate automation technologies with an integrated materials handling equipment (MHE) warehouse control software (WCS).”

The coverage featured an interview with Joe Pelej, Marketing Manager for both Pyramid and Lightning Pick. Pelej toured the Matthews Automation Solutions’s exhibit with Michel, explaining that with a Pyramid Director WES in place, properly orchestrated warehouse execution will “drive the flow and efficiency needed for direct-to-consumer order fulfillment.”

Pelej also demoed Lightning Pick’s LP Put’s backend software that can easily and smoothly integrate with other automated order fulfillment systems, including auto baggers. “Part of what makes it unique is this integration capability so that the operation has fast, efficient steps at the end of the process,” said Pelej in the article.

The full entry, entitled “Put-to-light synchs with packing solutions at Matthews,” can be read here.



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