Turnkey Control Solutions for Every Aspect of Your DC

Synchronized control of your material handling equipment.

Pyramid engineers work with you to provide turnkey material handling equipment (MHE) control solutions—including hardware, software and field wiring—throughout your DC for new installations as well as retrofits and rejuvenations of existing equipment. Alternately, we can customize our products as needed to provide the solution that meets the unique requirements of your operations.

Examples include:

Package conveyor controls (traditional and motor-driven roller (MDR)) for all leading material handling equipment OEM brands and custom MHE applications.

Case sorter controls over a broad range of technologies and OEM brands, including slat/shoe, pop-up wheel, swivel wheel, transfer and more.

Loop sorter controls over a broad range of technologies and OEM brands, including tilt-tray, bombay, cross-belt and more.

High-speed/high-rate inductions, servos and more utilizing advanced motion control applications.

Complex merge and gap optimizer applications utilizing control algorithms for optimal rates.

Integrated automatic identification (auto-ID) solutions, including bar code scanners, cameras, radio frequency identification (RFID) and more.

Weighing, dimensioning and marking systems—in-motion, on-the-fly and automatic.

Automatic order processing solutions—such as auto-box and auto-bag—to allow operations to automatically insert packing slips, insert collateral (flyers, catalogs and more), and apply shipping labels to shipping cartons and bags.

Automatic label print/apply for compliance labeling, package carrier standards (such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and more) labels, or per your customer’s internal label design requirements.

Garment on hanger (GOH) and monorail sorting, transportation, queuing and storage for garments, cartons, parts and more.

Palletizing, both in-line conventional and automated.

Fluid unloading for automated check-in, and fluid loading to support manifesting.


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