Your Pyramid Director WCS / WES Installation

Software configured to your operational needs in just five steps.

Depending on your installation specifications the standard, core Director WCS or WES software is deployed first. Both packages include the following applications as the foundation of your system:

  • Security & User Administration
  • System Configuration
  • System Administration
  • Simulation & Sorter Exerciser
  • Event Log
  • Transaction Monitors & Logs (WMS, PLC and more)
  • DBMS Maintenance & Administration

Installations of Pyramid Director WES also include deployment of completely pre-engineered and off-the-shelf functional software modules that meet your requirements with minimal configuration modifications. These modules include:

  • Facilities Manager – A component for graphical status reporting, metrics and other functionality related to MHE monitoring.
  • DC-Wide Performance Measurement & Statistical Reporting
  • Sortation
  • Auto-Label Print/Apply
  • Auto-Box Order Processing
  • Auto-Bag Order Processing

Then, based on your unique business model and operational requirements, custom tailored software is created for your processes, including:

  • Receiving, Check-In and Reconciliation (ASN-Based and Conventional)
  • Product Storage and Retrieval
  • Picking (Including Light-Directed or RF Picking)
  • Waving/Batching
  • Sorting
  • Order Processing
  • Packing (Including Light-Directed)
  • Labeling
  • Loading, Manifesting and Shipping

Because Pyramid’s software engineers are experts at customizing our software products to fully meet your specific requirements, your operations are never compromised, nor are they forced to conform to unmodified software.

Next, Director WCS or WES’s graphical status screens and central dashboard are customized to provide unparalleled, real-time visibility into your operations.

Views include process status, performance metrics, exception reporting, inventory status and location, MHE status and performance, and up-to-the-minute information about all vital aspects of your DC—and greater supply chain—operations.

Finally, the appropriate IT and controls technologies are deployed relative to your platform selection. Pyramid will strive to conform to your standards and preferences.

If necessary, we can provide server hardware, workstations, terminals, networks and third-party program products. Most Director WCS and WES implementations are hosted on the user’s own servers and communications networks to maintain a consistent security and support platform throughout their enterprise.


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