NEXUS Warehouse Execution System

NEXUS, the next generation WES from Matthews Automation Solutions, uses real-time data and machine learning to make intelligent decisions within a, completely web-based front end.

Read the new NEXUS datasheet to learn more:


  • View dashboards and reports on PC, smart phones, tablets, or any other device
  • Customized user reports facilitate effortless system management
  • Intelligent decision making based on realtime data
  • Provides visibility into inventory, labor, process, and equipment status
  • Precise inventory view of status and location down to each unit, wave, and batch


  • Real-time data visualization
  • Easy to read screens
  • Landing dashboard with user configurable widgets
  • Assess overall status of the entire warehouse, along with the workflow in specific subsystems, in a single glance
  • Grid-style displays with configurable filters are sortable by column
  • Dark and light themes with accessibility for color-blindness


  • Single sign-on using Microsoft Identity
  • Role-based security
  • Privileges for menus, screens, data, and other system functions
  • User experience is tailored to their needs upon signing on


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